Thursday, 12 September 2013

What is a 3-season Sunroom

If you build a sunroom you can enjoy the pleasure of outdoors without snow or rain and annoying insects crawling around. Sunshine is filtered through high performance glass into a beautiful enclosed space that you can relax in and bond with your family members. Among the choices in design for sunrooms 3-season enclosures are chosen by many homeowners based on geographical location, budget considerations and the amount of sunlight that is received.

Features of 3-season Sunrooms

Typically 3-season sunrooms as the name signifies are used during the warmer months from early spring to late autumn. These enclosures are an economical method of expanding your living space without eating into your heating or cooling bills. Heating and cooling systems are not connected to these rooms as it depends on natural light.

3-season sunrooms are versatile additions to your home and can be constructed with removable windows to convert the enclosure to a screen room during warmer months. These types of sunrooms can be built over an existing deck, slab or patio and can include single pane glass.

Location Based
These sunrooms are ideal if you live in a geographical location that enjoys moderate climate during most of the year. During the warmer months you have the choice of adding a window air conditioning unit to cool this enclosed room and add to its comfort. In the cold months portable heaters can be used as an economical method of heating.

Closing off the patio for use during the warmer months can keep the bugs out and provide a beautiful room for rest and relaxation for the entire family. If top grade material is used to build this enclosure you and family have a cozy retreat for lounging and enjoying. You can add lightweight furniture and enjoy the outdoor view from this versatile addition to your home.

These sunrooms are economical additions to your home where you can shelter from the strong sunlight and enjoy the outdoors without oppressive heat, rainy weather or bugs. The rooms can be an activity area where you can read, rest, eat, or play indoor games with family in relaxed surroundings.

3-season sunrooms can be built with high grade materials and tempered glass which can be custom designed to fit the home’s plan and requirements. Knee walls are measured and cut to specifications and can be installed easily. The materials are available in colors that match the home and blend in well with its construction design. The frames are available in different styles and shapes to suit individual home needs. Double or single pane glass can be used for these patio enclosures which have top rated insulating properties.

Sliding doors and windows can be included in 3 season sunrooms which allow ventilation and fresh air during pleasant weather. Some designs use removable window systems that can be stored and convert the patio to an open space. 

Building a 3 season sunroom is an economical and customized way of expanding your living space. Top rated doors and windows manufacturing and installation companies can be used for building your deck to include this type of enclosure, unless you are DIY expert and want to undertake the labor by yourself. Make sure that the materials are of the best quality to get value for your investment.

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