Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

It’s fall, and what better time to add a touch of seasonal elegance to your house! Fall is synonymous with rich, vibrant colors, so use them in abundance to decorate your house exterior and give it a stylish yet warm look! Here are some ways to embellish your porch, patio, doors and windows during the fall season.

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Outdoors

·           Let’s begin with the wreath on the entry door. Reds, orange, and browns are the standard fall colors, so buy a wreath in these colors to hang on the entry door. If you’re creatively inclined, make your own wreath using fall leaves and bright yellow sunflowers. Or you can use different kinds of berries instead of flowers. Team up with a colorful doormat full of bold prints and you’re ready to usher in fall! 
·         Can you imagine fall without pumpkin? It’s like talking about a PB&J sans the peanut butter! Get them, get loads of them, the orange pumpkins, the squashes, and the white gourds, faux or real, and place them on the stairs leading up to the door, the walkway, the patio, or near the entrance. You can also buy a handful of pumpkin planters, each one smaller than the first and place them on top of each other. Place seasonal flowers such as roses, zinnias, mums, and gerberas in the planter. 
·         Another idea is to place pumpkins and gourds together in your planter and top it with fall leaves and flowers! 
·         It’s the harvest season, so place a wicker basket filled with cornucopia, dried leaves, pinecones, cornstalks, small gourds, and other natural woody items that will last long on the table; or use it to spruce up any outdoor surface. Or simply place all kinds of gourds in a colorful woven basket and put it near the doorstep or in the patio. 
·         Another way to liven up your house is to contrast the reds and browns of fall with lime greens and blues! For example, nothing looks quite as beautiful as a blue or chartreuse urn filled with dried branches, lush leaves, and faux or real flowers placed outside the door on a small table, or along the window sills. Very inviting! This arrangement can go well with bay windows and even when placed in sunrooms, such as the ones manufactured by Champion Window. 
·         Speaking of contrasts, how about ornamental grasses in purple and golden, or succulents, potted in attractive, hand-painted vases and urns placed strategically around the house? You can’t go wrong with that one! 
·         Buy faux leaves and stick them in a wavy pattern (or any other pattern you fancy) on the outside of windows or sidelights, or even a sliding glass door. Just make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view! 
·         Get innovative and fill a wheelbarrow with gourds, twigs, fall leaves, fruits, and whatever else you think might look good and place it outside your door. 
·         Pumpkins and gourds can also be used as lanterns which can either be placed on the ground below or hung in the porch.

The change of season means summer is over, but the scathing fury of winter hasn’t yet arrived. Make the most of this time of the year because you only have a few days left to actually have fun outdoors! So celebrate fall by livening up your outdoors and showing off your house in all its glory!