Thursday, 14 November 2013

Benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows

Are you looking to reduce your utility bills by making your home more energy-efficient? Then installing brand new vinyl replacement windows is a great way to save energy and keep your home comfortable no matter what the weather is. What’s so great about vinyl windows? Wait till you find out their benefits!

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

No Maintenance: Yes, one of the biggest headache most homeowners face is how to keep the windows in a good condition so they look good and last long. Well, if you have vinyl windows, that’s one worry less! Vinyl is easy to care for, doesn’t corrode, warp, or don’t show scratches and dents easily. You don’t even have to bother about sanding or repainting vinyl windows. Vinyl is also very durable, so unlike aluminum windows which may corrode with time, vinyl windows are built to last and won’t rust, ever! And cleaning them is a breeze – just use mild soap and water and your windows will be squeaky clean in a jiffy!

Energy-efficient: Vinyl, which also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, has a high R rating, which means it provides a superior degree of insulation and is resistant to heat flow. This translates into better energy efficiency, because a well-insulated house will seal in the heat during winter but remain cool during summer. This means a substantial saving on your utility bills all year round. Install double-pane replacement windows from the living room to the basement to maintain an ideal temperature in your house in any kind of weather and keep it from getting too drafty.

No condensation: Double-pane vinyl windows don’t fall prey to condensation, as do aluminum or wood windows. So that means you don’t have to deal with misted up window panes or worry about excess moisture buildup in the house leading to mold or mildew problems.

Look attractive: Vinyl windows can be customized as per your personal tastes. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to blend well with your home’s exterior and architectural style. They look way better than wood or aluminum windows and are available in attractive finishes with numerous design options and can be molded into desired shapes to suit your taste.

Noise Reduction: Vinyl windows, especially double-pane windows stifle out the noise and let you enjoy peace and solitude. So install vinyl windows and you needn’t worry about cars blaring their horns, the wind howling, or the neighbor’s pet barking away!

Economical: As compared to wood, fiberglass, and aluminum, vinyl replacement windows are very economical and can fit into even the tightest budget!

So, what’s not to like about vinyl windows? They’re the number one choice for American homeowners, and their market share grew up to 68% in 2012 from a mere 36% in 1996 according to the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)! Opt for certified professionals, such as Champion Windows, to install the windows so you rest assured the installation is done right and the windows will serve you for years to come!Save money and give your home a whole new look and increase its curb appeal by investing in vinyl replacement windows.