Friday, 21 February 2014

5 Benefits of Vinyl Windows

You ask what the hype is about vinyl windows. Why are they the “in” thing and why are they becoming a popular alternative over aluminum, wood and fiberglass? Here’s some insight into the big “why.”

Who doesn’t want it all - easy maintenance, energy efficient, aesthetic appeal, low economic costs and excellent value for design and installation! That is one package deal. So if you are looking for a change and would like some interesting windows in your home, vinyl windows offer quite the bargain.

Energy efficient
Vinyl windows are made of a substance called poly vinyl chloride commonly known as PVC. PVC is a synthetic chemical compoundthat has moderate to high R-value. R value is a number given to the degree of insulation a material provides. This means that vinyl is a good insulator preventing air infiltration, keeping warm air in and cool air out of your home. Of course this leads to reduced electrical costs. Vinyl windowsalso keep out harmful UV rays preventing the fading of your curtains and upholstery. Everybody loves that!

Aesthetic appeal
Our homes are important to us, the way they look, the way you feel when you walk into your front door and even the amount of light that filters in through the windows. Vinyl windows can be custom made to suit the exact look of your home. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes. They can be molded and shaped to the exact style you want and are available in shiny or matte finishes. For those of you who love the wood look vinyl windows are also available with a faux-wood grain finish.

Easy Maintenance
Vinyl windows wouldn’t be quite the rave if they weren’t easy to maintain. They don’t stain. They don’t allow water to seep in and hence are resistant to mold. They can be washed and cleaned whenever needed.  They are scratch free,don’t dent and definitely don’t rust or corrode.

Economic Savings
Since vinyl windows are easily manufactured it is easy to make them in bulk. This reduces the price of them considerately. Compared to other windows vinyl windows are the cheaper more economic option. They also have a larger variety of options to choose from as they are manufactured in a wide range of colors and styles. Vinyl windows are durable, can weather a number of climatic conditions and come out looking good and hence don’t need to be changed regularly.

Installation and Design
Vinyl windows are easily installable into your home as they can be made to fit the size and shape of your already existent window. You can choose how many window panes you have,whether they open on the inside or outside,the width of the sill and even the kind of locking mechanism you would like.
Champion Windows has a great variety for customizable vinyl windows. Champion testimonials should help with that little bit of insight you are looking for. When choosing vinyl windows just be sure to choose a color you will be happy with for a long time since you cannot repaint these windows.
Go “window shopping” today!

Roofing- Why choose a professional?

Storm chasers- they are called. They literally chase storms and then dupe homeowners by offering to do a free inspection and then to fix the roofs after the storm. These fly by night contractors are known to create problems on the roof even as they supposedly inspect it. They will of course fix it temporarily and disappear off the scene leaving you with more serious problems to deal with a few months later. You will not find them to fix it again for you. BEWARE of such contractors.

Roofing your home is not something that can be taken lightly. Apart from the huge expense and the stress of getting the whole project done, you don’t want to deal with inefficient contractors and the disastrous after effects of a job shabbily done. It is essential to look for a professional to do the roofing for you. An established, well known contractor will help you fix any problem which may arise later.

A professional will thoroughly examine your roof and give you an idea of what needs to be done and the approximate cost estimate. Sometimes it may look like a simple repair but as the roof is opened up, it may turn out to be something more major, calling for even replacement of the roof. A professional will caution you beforehand about such issues. He may ask for some amount before he starts work, but not ask you to pay the whole amount upfront like fly by night contractors.

Another reason to choose a professional is the technicalities involved like a permit needed for replacement of roof. A professional will have a license and will be registered with the local authority. He will get the permit for you and follow all safety procedures to install the roofing. He will also most probably have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to check out whether he has the license and insurance.
While you research thoroughly and look for a contractor look for all the things discussed above and then decide. Don’t settle for the lowest bidder, but talk to neighbors, friends and relatives and get references. While most contractors use branded material, quality installation is necessary. Investigate more about that.

Most roof manufacturers require certified contractors to install their product to make the warranty valid .It thus makes better sense to buy the whole roofing system from the company who will install it for you. One such company is Champion Window. All other aspects related to roofing like attic ventilation, leak barriers etc. apart from the aesthetics is taken care of by their professionals. Not only that, reviews of Champion Window has customers expressing their satisfaction about the courteous service and the thorough job done by the company professionals.

Choose only a professional and don’t compromise on the quality of the work even if it may cost you a little more. Choose the right roof suitable for the climate you live in. If you live in regions prone to high winds, hail or storms choose material able to withstand these.

Right roof, right contractor = safe, comfortable home.