Thursday, 29 August 2013

5 Practical Tips to Maintain Your Doors and Windows

A major part of home maintenance includes taking care of doors and windows and checking for damage and repair work. Doors and windows are opened and closed regularly and are affected by weather conditions, so they need to be preserved for optimum performance and durability. Door and window material is the deciding factor for the type of maintenance and care that is needed as each type differs.

Proper care and maintenance can mean that your doors and windows will last for many years. There is a long list when it is about preservation techniques for doors and windows and includes fixing minor or major problems, cleaning, painting, and other related tasks. The process of maintenance includes the entire structure of the door and window and the hardware and locking systems. 


Regular Checks
The first step to maintaining and preserving doors and windows of your home is by conducting regular checks for any type of deterioration:
  • Locking mechanism and operating hardware
  • Peeling, blistering, chipping of paint
  • Soil and debris on window sills or door track
  • Window glass condition and loose putty around panes and signs of moisture
  • Weather stripping is sealed tight
  • Frames both internal and external
  • Examine trim, signs of warping, mildew or decay
Regular checking of doors and windows will ensure that they remain in good condition and last for years.

If you want your doors and windows to endure, regular cleaning is advised. Hardware can be cleaned using mild soap solutions and wiping with a soft cloth. Use a small brush to remove any blocked soil or debris and the window or door tracks, weep holes and sills should be free of any obstructive dirt. Following manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning is a safe bet as harsh cleaning solutions may damage doors and windows. Both exteriors and interiors of glass should be cleaned regularly as dirt should not be allowed to accumulate.

Doors have thresholds or tracks but they need to be cleaned by using methods that are prescribed according to the material that they are constructed from. If you are using mild soapy solutions make sure you dry thoroughly after all the scrubbing work. Never use strong cleaning liquids or sharp knives and pressure hoses to clean. Check Champion window reviews before choosing for one.

Condensation, Air Leaks and Insulation
Insulation checks and maintenance is of prime importance to protect your doors and windows from condensation and air leakage. Proper insulation can save expenses on your power bills and can increase the value of your home. Seal all your windows and doors tight to prevent condensation and replace faulty weather stripping which will serve as a moisture and heat barrier. Any chips or cracks in window frames should be sealed. Any gaps between the wall and window frame should be sealed with caulking. 

Take Care of the Hardware and Hinges
All moving parts of hardware, hinges, tracks and rollers should be kept in optimal condition so that they are easy to operate and last for years. Rollers can be adjusted, tracks can be vacuumed, and lock strike should be repaired if it does not work smoothly. The metal mechanism should be sprayed with light lubricants for smooth operation. Clean track wheels of sliding doors regularly and adjust sagging doors. Check and repair locking mechanism to prevent any burglary attempts and to ensure security of your property.

No Delays in Repair Work
Doors and windows can make a difference to the energy efficiency of your home and save costs in utility bills. Along with annual or bi-annual maintenance it is advisable to fix any damage without delays. This is essential as air or heat leakage can send your power usage soaring and increase your household expenses a great deal. If the windows or doors have serious damage, consider investing in energy rated and efficient replacement doors and windows to get the best out of your investment and up your property value.

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