Thursday, 12 December 2013

Add Beauty to your Home with vinyl sliding doors

It is a decision I never regret. Adding a sliding patio door to my home. While I added it a year ago for more light and style and also because my friend got one (!!!) I am amazed what a difference it has made. It completely changed the look and feel of my home during the day and the night too.

With sunlight streaming in through the day, the home feels cheerful and vibrant. And what a joy it is to have a cup of coffee looking out at the natural view out or enjoy the fresh air coming in. It even motivated me to put plants in the patio adding up to the natural appeal. The room looks bigger and spacious almost like they put up mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Since the doors are sliding and not swinging, they don’t take up any space. I could arrange decorative vases in the corner, as the sliding doors can still open without hindrance. It was a perfect solution for a cramped space allowing more space to arrange the furniture.
Party time too is fun. I hosted a barbeque party last month and moving all the needed things and some furniture was not a hassle at all, thanks to the broad patio door. My friends too enjoyed the extra space and the easy moving in and out through the door.

When my friend had come visiting with her kids, we could chat along keeping an eye on the kids playing out, through the patio door.I can go on about this- but I have to say- you SHOULD consider putting up a sliding door. You can put it up anywhere, living room, dining room or kitchen. And then of course in your bedroom if you want to create a romantic atmosphere. While sliding doors themselves add to the beauty of your home, you can further enhance their beauty with drapes or shades. Add appropriate lighting and see the mood change at night.

Sliding doors are mostly made of glass and metal, vinyl or recycled material too. My sliding doors are vinyl and have a double pane argon enhanced, high performance glass. The glass lets in more light and on the whole the door is energy efficient with proper sealing to prevent air/water infiltration for the times I have to keep the door closed. There is also a good locking mechanism for safety.
While I didn’t research much and got the door on my friend’s recommendation from Champion Window, I can say I am satisfied not only with the door, but also with the good service I got all through the process of purchasing and then the installation. You can read reviews of Champion Window for further assurance from customers and even check their website for details. Go ahead and transform the look and feel of your home with vinyl siding doors.

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