Monday, 22 July 2013

5 Window Options for Your Living Room

The living room is central to your home and no matter the size; windows are an essential part which can add to the ambience, comfort, and style of this important area of your living space. Windows let in light, air, and allow views of the outside. Even when closed, windows can add to the personality and feel good factor of the room if they are beautifully designed and positioned. You can select among a stunning range of window options to decorate and add appeal and utility value to your living room.

Types of Windows
Living room windows are available in a range of designs and materials. They include many features and benefits that can enhance the value of your home and provide comfort and savings on energy consumption. The right choice can brighten your living room and give it a spacious and beautiful appearance.

Picture Windows
This type of windows brings in the outdoors in and is large in size and best for unobstructed views. If your living room has beautiful views of a garden, a large tree, lake or beach these windows are good options. They can be combined with sliding and casement windows to include ventilation since picture windows are usually fixed and include large expanses of glass.

Bay Windows
Bay windows offer functionality and give your living room a more spacious look because they project outward and can be customized according to your choice. They are made up of a central window and 2 side windows which can be opened. You can add a seating arrangement in front of it as well and enhance its look. This type of window is versatile and adds to the natural light in the room.

Casement Windows
This is a popular option for homeowners and is widely used window design. This type of window can be combined with picture or bay windows. They can be hinged on one side and swing out like a door and have a side, bottom or top hung sash and can even have panels on the sides. They are highly energy efficient and ensure good ventilation.

Double Hung Windows
These are the traditional style of windows and can be easy to clean as the upper and lower sashes can be tilted. Contemporary types of double hung windows have insulated glass that won’t fade your furniture and drapes when there is strong sun rays. These windows can hold air conditioner units and are energy efficient.

Shaped Windows
Add a dramatic element to your living room’s interior design with shaped windows. These windows can be customized to fit your living room window style and can include circular, half rounds, arched, or trapezoids among others. The important aspect to remember in these types of windows is to ensure they are sealed well and energy efficient.

Important Points to Consider Before Selection
Windows for your living room should be selected based on the following factors:
  • Design which includes color, material, energy efficient ratings, and shape to match your interior decor
  • Size and number of windows, is based on the size of your room and where you wish to locate the window
  • Budget is important to decide the type of windows that offer value for money based on your selection
  • Find the best installers to install the windows as even the best choice will not give you cost effectiveness and safety if fixed badly
When you select windows based on these points you can be sure that it will ensure that enough sunlight enters the room, it will be properly ventilated, insulated, save on utility bills and energy consumption and add to the beauty of your living room.

If you need to select from among different window types for your living room there are top window supplier companies that manufacture and install quality and energy efficient windows of your choice. These company representatives will guide and assist you in selecting the best window option that matches the construction and interior design of your home. Your living room windows are important and if you select them well it will add lasting value to your home in many ways.You can also check Champion Windows Reviews Here.

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